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Started by a collaboration between The Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Division and the nonprofit Cyber Security Alliance, National Security Awareness Month raises awareness about the significance of cybersecurity. 

In the United States, National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is observed in October.​​​​​​​

Understand and compare common attacks including social engineering, malware, network attacks, and application attacks.​​​​​​​

Wireless attacks- Replay- IV- Evil twin- Rogue AP- Jamming- WPS- Bluejacking- Bluesnarfing- RFID- NFC- Disassociation​​​​​​​

Cryptographic attacks- Birthday- Known plain text/cipher text- Rainbow tables- Dictionary- Brute force- Online vs. offline- Collision- Downgrade- Replay- Weak implementations


• Virusesuses
• Crypto-malware
• Ransomware
• Worm
• Trojan
• Rootkit
• Keylogger
• Adware
• Spyware
• Bots
• Logic bomb
• Backdoor

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Identify common network security components and secure transport protocols, harden networks, and apply monitoring, detection, and remediation insights, techniques and best practices.  Begin to increase your awareness NOW!


Attacks per second


satisfied rate


Social engineering
​​​​​​​- Phishing
- Spear phishing
- Whaling
- Vishing
- Tailgating
- Impersonation
- Dumpster diving
- Shoulder surfing
- Hoax
- Watering hole attack
- Principles (reasons for effectiveness)
- Authority
- Intimidation
- Consensus
- Scarcity
- Familiarity
- Trust
- Urgency

Application/service attacks
- DoS
- DDoS
- Man-in-the-middle
- Buffer overflow
- Injection
- Cross-site scripting
- Cross-site request forgery
- Privilege escalation
- ARP poisoning
- Amplification
- DNS poisoning
- Domain hijacking
- Man-in-the-browser
- Zero day
- Replay
- Pass the hash
- Hijacking and related attacks
- Clickjacking
- Session hijacking
- URL hijacking
- Typo squatting
- Driver manipulation
- Shimming
- Refactoring
- MAC spoofing
- IP spoofing

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Cyber attacks and hacks are expoentially increasing every single day.  

Cyber Hacks are increasing  every single day! You Need to Know what is going on NOW!